Educational Programs

These educational programs, mostly for adults, provide accurate information in a safe but candid environment. More detailed descriptions of these programs are coming soon.

For the Public

"Let's Talk About Sex (with our partners)"

Skills and strategies for discussing sexual issues with your partners.

Communication for Stronger Relationships

Skills and strategies for fighting fairly and communicating productively around a variety of difficult and sensitive issues in relationships.

Sex Ed for Parents

Many parents are dissatisfied with sexuality education available in schools, but feel unprepared to provide accurate but developmentally appropriate sexuality education to their own kids. This program provides accurate sexuality information, as well as developmentally appropriate skills and strategies for presenting this information to their own families in developmentally appropriate ways.

Sex-Ed for Grown-Ups

Kids learning about their bodies need different information than adults navigating the wide world of sexuality. This program goes beyond Junior High Sex-Ed to provide a basis of accurate sexuality information for adult needs, including information about diversity in sexual lifestyles and behavior, sexuality in mid- and later life, sexuality and chronic illness, managing sexual dysfunction, and much more.

Spicing it up for the Shy and Self-Conscious

This program addresses sexual play, specifically for people who have difficulty with shyness, self-esteem, body image, or sexual shame.

Sex-Ed for teens

This program, which runs 120 minutes per week for 12 weeks, is designed for older teens (15-17) who do not have access to other comprehensive sexuality education.

It is ONLY available to children of parents who have completed our "Sex Ed for Parents" course, and who have reviewed and agreed to the curriculum and teaching materials.

Keeping your kids safe in the age of sexual predators

This 90-minute workshop for parents explains the realities and myths of sex offenders and sexual predators, and describes specific strategies for keeping your kids safer without creating unnecessary fear or anxiety.

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For Professionals

Introduction to Sexual Offenders: Clinical Issues

This one-day program (6 hours) is introductory in nature, and is appropriate for mental health, criminal justice, and criminal law professionals who do not have experience with sexual offenders as a forensic population. It covers criminal behaviors, psychological correlates, treatment approaches and complicating factors in treatment and community supervision.

Problematic Sexual Behavior: Approaches and Controversies

This one-day program (6 hours) is introductory in nature, and is appropriate for mental health professionals who encounter compulsive, illegal, harmful, or otherwise problematic sexual behavior in clinical practice. The program will describe controversies around etiologies and treatment approaches for this population. While the focus will be primarily on individuals, implications for couples and family practice will also be discussed.

Safeguarding Children From Sexual Abuse in Community Organizations

This 120-minute workshop for churches, schools, and other community organizations explains the realities and myths of sex offenders and sexual predators, and describes strategies for making these community organizations safer from potential sexual abusers without creating inappropriate fear, anxiety, or prejudice.