Sexuality Concerns:

LGBTQ Concerns

Individuals who identify as members of sexual minorities experience extraordinary challenges in our culture. But the desire to share in love, intimacy, and pleasure remain universal. While our practice welcomes everyone equally, our clinical work is informed by an understanding that some people are required to engage challenges that others in our society are not.

Finding Comfort With Your Sexual Identity

Recognizing that your sexual orientation or gender identity differs from the expectations of others can be a difficult realization and a challenging adjustment. But in other ways, finally accepting who you are can be empowering, and an enormous relief. Usually, it's a little of both. If this adjustment is proving difficult for you, we can help with compassionate strategies for fully becoming, accepting, and loving the person you really are.

Coming out to family

Accepting your sexual identity can be an empowering process, but also a challenging one. Similarly, sharing this information with friends and family can sometimes be very affirming—and other times a tremendous strain. We can help you (and your family) navigate this difficult time with appropriate boundaries and expectations.

Coming out in heterosexual marriages

Every year, thousands of men and women realize that they identify as homosexual or bisexual, and no longer wish to remain in their heterosexual relationship. While obviously disruptive to the family system, this realization doesn’t invalidate the family that these individuals have developed over years, or even decades. Counseling around this issue can help individuals disclose to their families, and assist the entire family in adjusting to these changes in ways that are compassionate toward everyone.