Sexuality Concerns:

Sex and Relationships

One of the reasons that people find partners in the first place is for the feelings of intimacy and connectedness that come with sexual interaction.

But this connection between sexuality and intimacy can be tricky. When sex isn't intimate and satisfying, our relationships can suffer, and when our relationships are aren't working right, our sexual interaction takes a hit in return. As a result, our relationship can suffer more, then our sex life suffers more, and before you know it, feelings of love, intimacy, and desire all start to feel like a distant memory.

If this cycle sounds familiar, there’s a lot we can do. With a little effort, we can understand where, how, and why things got off track. We can develop strategies to interrupt this destructive cycle and to build a fulfilling and sustainable intimate life.

Communication and Arguing

The ability to talk about problems and differences is essential to any relationship. If we can't communicate without arguing—if we can't connect without feeling blamed—then learning better ways to communicate is the place to start.

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Sexual Compatibility

Differences in sexual wants and needs can be sensitive and difficult topics for couples to negotiate. They are among the most common reasons that couples enter counseling.

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Keeping it Fresh

To some people, “sexual boredom” can sound like an oxymoron. But like anything else, lovemaking can become rote, and lose the excitement and playfulness that makes it such a special and important time for a couple. There are lots of ways to keep it fresh and alive.

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Living Solo

Living solo, whether permanently or just for a while, can have its challenges. But focusing on yourself can also be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and empowerment.

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