Our Approach to Sexuality Concerns

When you think about it, sexuality touches almost every part of our lives in some way. It informs our experiences of who we are (or aren’t) as men and women, who and how we love, what constitutes “family”, pleasure, intimacy, relationships and many others. Yet many people find it awkward to talk about sexuality, and that can make it hard to reach out for help when you need it.

In our practice, we specialize in a wide variety of issues around sexuality, using an empowering, non-shaming approach to finding positive and effective solutions to your concerns.

Although we work with a wide variety of concerns around sexuality, we have compiled some of the most common concerns here, simply as a convenience. Click below to read more.

Most Common Concerns


Sex and Relationships


LGBTQ Concerns

Alternative Sexual Lifestyles

Sex and Porn "Addiction"

Sexual Function and Dysfunction

Arousal and Desire

Problematic Sexual Interests or Behavior