Our Approach to Relationship Concerns

Close intimate relationships can enrich our lives like few other experiences—so it makes sense that few things throw us out of balance more than difficulties in our intimate lives.

Many factors come together to make a successful and vital partnership. Our approach is to carefully assess the dynamics of the relationship, including the unique set of strengths and challenges that each partner brings. In doing so, we can develop strategies and solutions that address each partner’s concerns—not only to solve the immediate problems that brought you to counseling, but to build a foundation for a rich, healthy, lasting intimate relationship.

While there are many reasons people enter counseling, some of the most common relationship concerns are listed here.

Communication and Arguing

The ability to talk about problems and differences is essential to any relationship. If we can't communicate without arguing—if we can't connect without feeling blamed—then learning better ways to communicate is the place to start.

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Everyone has different values and beliefs about how to handle money. When ours differ from our partner’s, that difference can strain many aspects of our relationships. Together, we can explore what money means in your relationship, and how to find a middle ground everyone can live with.

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Sexual Compatibility

Differences in sexual wants and needs can be sensitive and difficult topics for couples to negotiate. They are among the most common reasons that couples enter counseling.

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Infidelity can feel devastating because it undermines trust and safety—the very foundations of intimacy and commitment. But we are resilient. Trust and intimacy can be repaired, and your relationship doesn't have to end.

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Pre-commitment or Premarital Counseling

The realities of a long term relationship are a lot more nuanced and complicated than falling in love. Pre-commitment counseling helps you prepare for the long haul.

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Divorce, Separation, Break-ups, Grief, Loss, and Moving On

When a relationship ends, we can feel lost and shattered. Starting over can seem impossible at first, but with patience, courage, and guidance, it can be the beginning of something even more freeing and satisfying.

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“Love Addiction”

For some of us, the feeling of falling in love is so powerful and seductive that we find ourselves making poor choices again and again, only to be caught in yet another painful, unhealthy relationship. Changing this pattern doesn't mean giving up on love.

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Finding a Partner

Relationships seem to come naturally to some people. But for others, shyness and self-esteem issues can make the risk of rejection feel overwhelming. You can build self-esteem and confidence, and attract affirming partners into your life.

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Choosing Better Partners

If you keep ending up with people who are wrong for you, the problem might be “selection error.” Learning how and why you choose the people you do can help you make smarter choices, and find better partners.

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Living Solo

Living solo, whether permanently or just for a while, can have its challenges. But focusing on yourself can also be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and empowerment.

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