Sexuality Concerns

Sex and Porn "Addiction"

Are you troubled by your sexual interests or behavior?

Is your sexuality jeopardizing your marriage, your family, or your own wellbeing?

Have you made bad decisions about sex or porn, and then said, "Why would I do that? That's not me!"

Is your sexuality bringing you more trouble than joy?

Do you want to take control back again?

The Last Big Secret:

Unlike alcohol, drugs, or gambling, sexual addiction is still shrouded in secrecy and shame-and those who suffer still do so in painful isolation.

But failing to acknowledge the problem doesn't help the men and women who have lost jobs or families to their compulsive and problematic sexual behavior; or those who've lost even more to sexually transmitted infections, or run-ins with the law.

What does sex addiction look like?

Some sex addicts are unable to remain faithful to their partners, and find themselves in one affair after another. Others regularly break the law in massage parlors or with escort services. Others, addicted to pornography, spend hours and hours in front of a computer until they begin to neglect family, friends, work, and other responsibilities.

Unmanaged, the drive for more and more intense erotic experiences leads some addicts to risky behavior like indiscriminate choice of partners and unsafe sexual practices. For others, sexual acting-out may take the form of voyeurism, exhibitionism, involvement with child pornography, or other sexual offenses-the consequences of which may be devastating.

When we acknowledge the realities of sexual addiction and compulsivity, we learn that—like other compulsions—it's treatable.

There is hope, and there is help.
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